Graduated: Mentally, Physically and Emotionally

The road I’ve traveled has at times been one of privilege and I am grateful for each mile marker that I have reached. Throughout my travels thus far I have been surrounded by influencers that have instilled an attitude of “Just Do It” and my natural talents have demanded that it be done creatively. Over the past 8 years of my career I have invested in increasing and strengthening my skill set to enable me to think differently and understand why. Whether through class lectures, reading informational blogs, or attending design talks… now, I just see things and life differently.

The road I am on today is a winding one with many hills and valleys. However, I am armed with my core values: growth, honesty, spirituality and family and ready to ensure that they align as I navigate my way through life. I came to realize the other day that am on this road and I have been running in dynamo mode for the past 6 or 7 years. I have been trying to catch up to the “people” that I feel are “winning” in the race of life. But no matter how hard I run or the shortcuts I try to take, like jumping in a cab or taking the subway to cheat a few miles, I can never seem to catch up to those “people” in first place, that is until today. Today, I realized that there is no first place. The “people” that I am trying to catch up to are on the same road as me, to my left and my right and everyone is running/walking in their respective lane at their own pace and now it is my time to do the same. It is time for me to begin designing my journey with more purposeful intent. It is all about the race I am running and the journey I am taking, this is where I will find success.

The road I am on today has forced me to do some major reflecting. My journey today has been one that has required more of me than ever before. One key thing that has risen to the top is my strength. I realized that my strength encourages people while also providing me with the fuel that I need to keep going. I am the one that will rise to the occasion and get the job done and I shine even more in the 11th hour when all seems lost. I always remember that nothing beats a failure but a try, so I must continue to put one foot in front of the other as I tackle this road ahead.

The road ahead looks bright and adventurous with plenty of rest. Over the next 2-3 months I am going to perfect the art of doing nothing and invest in my emotional well-being, I want the summer of 2013 to be back to the basics. This includes drawing, photography, co-ed football or basketball and then round it off with some sort of international trip.

Looking 4-6 months out I hope to be knee deep in design strategy, project management, and concepting with occasional design execution or prototyping projects. All while being surround by some of the brightest and smartest minds that enjoy sharing their knowledge.

I am ready for the challenges ahead on this road that I am traveling and I see it being full of more adventures and chances to make a difference. As my brother would say, “If you get on that horse, you gotta ride it?” And what excites me most about my road ahead is the ride.